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2022 - Changes, a year in review

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Like 2021, this year was such a blessing. There were so many life changes - stressful moments, joyous times, and bittersweet instances alike. Below are some of the family and firm highlights from this year:

  • Continued our calling to help survivors of human trafficking, helping to clear some legal matters in New York, and helping one individual purchase a new car.

  • Through our non-profit, we helped people make rent, replace a broken water heater, and pay off credit card debt as well as just randomly helped countless individuals by buying meals, making gifts, and loving on them.

  • Helped individuals negotiate and settle debt.

  • Counseled couples and individuals in marriage and in business (start-ups and real estate).

  • Started jumping a bit more into the anti-human trafficking world by attending an immersion tour, taking classes, and learning about the subject more in-depth.

  • Helped a client purchase a beautiful banquet hall where his business can grow and help others make their key life-moments come true.

  • We are soon expanding to Florida as I took and passed the Florida Bar Exam (but am still pending admission, as of the date of this writing).

  • In 2021, we touched around $130,000,000 million in real estate transactions; in 2022, over $1,000,000,000 in the areas of leasing, sales, and acquisitions in spaces ranging from hotels, multi-families, warehouses, vacant land, development sites, industrial sites, and retail.

Already 2023 is off to a nice start with around $30,000,000 already in negotiation (as of the date of this writing). Despite the uncertainty in the market, we are thrilled to see what happens next in the commercial real estate space. More importantly, this firm is looking to make a splash as an advocate of the oppressed and those who suffered injustices.

Finally, my family. My wife opened up her own microblading studio (Face & Brow: - really she is the best! We plugged into a wonderful church that has helped us both grow spiritually and have taken up certain leadership roles within the church. And, lastly, our little baby girl Paisley turned one in November 2022 - she is a gift, an absolute gift, and we just can't love her enough!

We look forward to 2023 with making more room for Christ, with joy, and with hope!

With love,

The Harringtons

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