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Capital Gains Tax Real Estate: Expert Strategies to Maximize: ReturnsThe times we're living in...

Updated: May 3

In my mainstream world of commercial real estate, I've been navigating issues involving congressional changes to long-term capital gains tax rates, as well as planned changes to Section 1031, Like-kind Exchanges (which also affects capital gains).

All of this could mean stagnation, as opposed to growth or recovery. I wonder if you'll see the re-emergence of other entity structures taking title to properties, such as DE Statutory Trusts. Hmmm.

In other news, Covid-19 exemptions have been a hot topic as of late, especially in acquiring medical or religious exemptions for public colleges. It's been interesting to navigate as Covid has really turned everything into the wild, wild West. But, we've scored some victories.

Each day that goes by, however, I've realized that proper communication (articulation + listening) is in a paradoxical state: It is a dying art; but, it is the very foundation of progress. Food for thought.

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