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The Law Firm

 Founded in 2021

Bringing New York City experience to Tampa, Florida and elsewhere. Commercial Real Estate, Social Justice initiatives, Start-ups, For-Profits, Non-Profits, and dashes of other areas. We let our work speak for who we are. 

Our Vision

This law firm is built on the concept of relationships and communication through integrity, service, respect, equity, and presence. Relationships and communication are the roots. The quality of those determine whether, together, we yield fruit or not. Relationships with our clients, with our neighborhood, with our community, with our opposing counsel. Truthful conversation gets deals done, truthful communication moves the progression needle forward. When we build a relationship on honest communication, on kind, straight talk, problems get solved, conflicts get resolved, and challenges are overcome. 

This is our mantra. This is our standard. This is what we do.


Jason R. Harrington

I have over twelve years of real world, complex legal experience spanning commercial real estate, business, and social matters. For eight years, I practiced out of New York City handling real estate deals all across the country while also helping those in need with their legal challenges.

Always present, always in the moment.  

Let us work together.

Licensed in New York and Florida.


Tel: 813.373.6956

Who we are

The good lawyer...throws himself on your part so heartily, that he can get you out of a scrape.

R.W. Emerson

Value 01.


In line with our vision, we believe in delivering good work product by first building a relationship. In every way possible, we strive for building, bridging, and developing relationships.

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