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01. Commercial Real Estate

Sales & Acquisitions

Purchasing or selling commercial property comes with a host of issues. From contract negotiations to closing the transaction, we are involved in every step of the way. With extensive experience in negotiating contracts, financial/lender documents, investor agreements, as well as troubleshooting any and all title and survey issues across the nation, there isn't much we haven't seen. We're here to get the deal done with your interests in mind. Period. 

Investor Agreements

Protecting your rights as a syndicator or as a sponsor or as a managing member or as a minority member or as a majority member, we view the deal from the investor's perspective every time. Rights and duties vary depending on the investor's position. We get that, we understand that. That's why we're here. 

Commercial Leasing

Leasing commercial space, whether retail, warehouse, or office ​space, comes with a multitude of challenges, not the least of which is cultivating and maintaining a positive relationship between landlord and tenant. We help weave through these matters and develop relationships from both landlord and tenant side.  

 Over a dozen years of practice

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