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2023 - Stretching, a year in review

Like all years prior, this year was such a blessing; but, 2023 was also a season of stretching. Due to interest rates putting a chilling effect on buying and selling in real estate, this firm moved into other practice areas. With that being said, see some of our family and firm highlights:

  • Successful criminal defense representation of a number of individuals across a few different misdemeanors and felonies.

  • Representation of a newly-founded venture capitalist fund investing in Christian businesses-as-missions at seed or series-A stage.

  • Walked with a number of homeless people through difficult stages of life, including addiction and medical issues.

  • Through our family non-profit, we helped financially bless people who were struggling with making rent and getting their automobile fixed; we helped a couple of grieving widows; we supported missionaries moving to Egypt; we donated to local teachers to help offset classroom supply costs; purchased groceries and other items for people; helped arrange medical trips to and from doctor appointments; through Children International, we are sponsoring three (3) children; purchased clothing for homeless people; and the list goes on.

  • Representation in connection with a human trafficking non-profit that makes emergency, flight pick-ups to rescue survivors.

  • Helped expunge criminal records.

  • Closed on the purchase of a number of businesses.

  • Represented around $100 million in commercial real estate transactions - leasing, sales, acquisitions, refinances, partnership restructures, construction, etc.

Already, in 2024, we're off to a nice start, with several real estate transactions moving towards closing in early-Q2.

Finally, my family. My wife - my number one cheerleader - enrolled into aesthetician school, and will be done in April 2024 (go love!). Our little girl, Paisley, turned two in November 2023, and she is so kind, smart, energetic, and loving (though, I just asked her for a kiss, and she said no!). She's so sweet!

Though we don't know what the future looks like, we move into 2024 with patience, joy, hope, and inviting the Lord into all that we do!

With Love,

The Harringtons

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